Monday, May 14, 2012

Sweet Home Chicago....

About 2 weeks ago, we drove up to Chicago, for business. But, we couldn't just eat anywhere. No! We had to eat at some fun places.

This was the 8 pound burger at Jake Melnick's. It was a weird night. We walked in, 7 or 8 of us and asked for one of the open tables. The hostess told us that all of the open tables were reserved and had people already there. We stood and waited and waited and no one showed up at those tables. I confronted the hostess and found out that the kitchen was short-handed so instead of just telling everyone that food was going to take a while or call in another cook, they decided to pretend that there were people sitting at some tables, so they wouldn't get real people in and ordering. The absolute stupidest thing I had ever heard of and I had to tell everyone. Their only savings grace, was their 8 pound burger which 3 grown men, 2 grown women and two kids ate for the night and we still had more than half to take home with us.

The burger was a cheeseburger and really wasn't that good, at least I didn't think so. I'd give the service and the food at Jake's a 3 out of 5. In fact, had I not asked the hostess about the invisible, imaginary people at the tables, we would have left.

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