Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Back to Bravo, number 4

After 3 trips to Bravo, from my family, I was contacted by the manager. She seemed upset that we had a bad experience and like any good company which prides itself on great food and service, she apologized. Furthermore, she invited me back for a meal. Now I know that this is most likely an attempt to do-over my meal, I will review and explain everything that takes place as well.

To sum-up:

The first trip was just my wife and I. We had a server who was not only very friendly, but very knowledgeable. We had no issues at all and because of that first visit, we deemed Bravo a very fun and cool place.

The second trip, my wife and I had our two kids and a stroller. Not only did the server not know how to deal with the kids, but she also spilled a drink, a soda, all over the stroller and my seat. I remember cleaning up soda and ice for most of the meal. By then, I really didn't feel like eating because when the kids don't get occupied with their meals, they get bored.

This last time, the third time, was an issue where the sever did get the food for my two sons and was friendly, but seemed more interested in the large party next to us and chatting with the bartender near the bar. It was so bad that I actually had to wave down the hostess and ask her to get our server. I remember watching her walk up to the server, still at the bar on the other side of the restaurant, and tell him that we were waiting and ready. I remember him looking back at us, at our table, and then going back to chatting with the bartender. I hope he got her number, because he seemed more interested in chatting with her than dealing with us. As if that wasn't enough, when he came back, he didn't apologize. He acted like it was our issue "Are you guys ready to order now?" Of course we were ready! We were ready 15 minutes ago, when you walked by our table.

Anyways, that is where we are at now. Two bad times out of three. So, let's hope that this Saturday will change the ratio and give me some faith to put back into this restaurant.

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