Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Good coffee and good cookies

I'm talking about Kaldi's coffee shop. Now, this weekend was the first time my wife and I stepped foot in a Kaldi's. I don't know why we haven't visited one before, other than the fact that we don't actively drive around looking for them. There are only 5 of these shop open right now in St. Louis and it was invented in St. Louis. Kaldi's started in 1995 when they bought their first roaster and started to sell, what is noted now, as one of the best coffees in America. The Kaldi's company strives for green, organic, fair trade and even Kosher.

As I said, the Kirkwood location has been there since 2005 and we don't go to Kirkwood much, mainly because there is no use when all of the shops close by 4 or 5 pm. So, when we did get there, this past Sunday, we took a few minutes to eat some cookies, drink a coffee and then take in the quiet and peacefulness of Kirkwood.

What did we get? Well, my wife assures me that the coffee was really good. So, there is a plus. As for their baked goods, which always grab my attention, take a look:

The dark chocolate dipped coconut macaroon cookie was great.

The cranberry scone with lemon icing was really good and moist. It was even better because the cranberries were not tart like they typically are.

The blue sprinkle-covered sugar cookie was equally as awesome. I tried 3 of their baked goods and was happy.

So, what does this mean? It means that I'm going back soon to Kaldi's to try more things from their menu, and you should too.

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