Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Canned Bread!

Ok, so I watch Spongebob. I think of the show much like how the Simpsons used to be, in that it has some strange and clever moments within the kid's show. So, one episode had the octopus, Squidward, go to a gated community. The whole episode was an obvious satire of the concept of gated communities. So, while in this community, Squidward sees others of his same race and look. Some of them with long hair, some with different colored shirts, but all of them with the same personality and likes that each other has. So, while he is in a market, he looks up and says "Canned bread! This place has everything!"

Well, as cool as that is, I thought about how weird canned bread must be, especially having the ability and know-how to make bread myself at home. I do see that it could be created and even cooked in a can, during the canning process.

So, while a trip to our own market: Dierburgs, I saw something that would make Squidward ecstatic: Canned Bread!

So, we have the can and the only flavor they had was this brown bread. I would have loved to see something like the regular white bread in a can, but this works as well.

Brown bread is interesting as it is flavored with molasses. It also has a bit of a noticeable salt flavor, do to the large amount of sodium, but still a pretty good bread, from a can. My expectations were not that high in the first place, because it is something from a can. But the bread tasted okay, in fact, good enough that I will eat the whole loaf. A 3 out of 5 stars for me.

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